Thursday, October 7, 2010

3Day training update

September 13- I donated the money from Mother's coworker and our neighbor online.
I walked Levi but after I did my chest really hurt.
September 14-I ordered some postcards to send as reminders from Vistaprint.
I emailed a restaurant about possible sponsorship.
I went to the Nike store to look at shoes.  The salesgirl who helped me was named Sarah.  She told me her mom had had breast cancer.  I told her and the other salespeople about the 3Day to tell them what I needed the shoes for.  They all seemed to know what it is.  I gave Sarah my information and my card, and she may want to walk next year.
The donation from Mother's coworker posted.
September 15-Sarah added me on Facebook
September 16-I got a blue sleeping bag at Target, that's rated to 30 degrees.
My twitter friend Jay gave $25, and he filed for matching.
September 17-A friend sent me an email in response to a follow-up I sent everyone.  She promised me a donation in a couple weeks.
We went to the Nike store.  I took my old shoes in and put them in recycling.  I got some white shoes with a pink swoosh.  They're not Nike plus, so I have to get a sensor case.  I got pink laces at Reebok where Mother got shoes.  Sarah helped me at Nike.  The lady who rang me up told me her sister was fighting breast cancer when I told her about the 3day.  I gave her my card.  She thanked me for walking.
I got Nancy Brinker's book Promise Me at Wal-Mart.  I was so glad it was there; I thought I'd have to order it.
September 20-My friend Sara gave $20.
My friend Barbara gave $50.
September 21-I posted a prayer request on Kevin and Taylor's facebook page, and they wrote me back.
I called the church and got on the prayer list.
September 22-I put my donation link on a lot of my Facebook friends' pages.
September 23-The postcards I ordered came, and they look great.
September 24-I gave all my virtual pets' friends pink plushies and wrote them about the 3day.
September 26-I gave out some of my postcards at church.
September 28-Mother gave my postcard and business cards to a coworker at Home Depot-she told her about the 3day and how much we need to raise, and the girl said she could do it (her parents are wealthy).
September 29-My cousin Wendy gave $25.
September 30-I got foot lotion at Ingles for after the 3day.
October 2-We went to Dahlonega and talked to people in several stores about sponsoring me-I got several outright nos, but there were also a few who seemed interested.
October 3-I talked to the Starbucks manager about hanging up my postcard-she told me she couldn't, but to talk to Kroger's customer care.  I did, and the boy there let me hang up my card.  He also told me that the manager might let me have a fundraiser.
I got a pink ribbon bear, socks, and notebook, and also pink star sunglasses at Target.
I got a hot pink breast cancer shirt at Wal-Mart.
October 4-I logged almost 5000 steps.
October 6-I walked 1.34 miles. My sensor died about 2/3 of the way through my walk.  I also logged about 1700 steps.
When I turned on the radio this morning, Kevin and Taylor were talking about the 3day walk and those who walk in it.  What they were saying really encouraged me about the walk.  I wrote them a note on their Facebook page thanking them.
My twitter friend Lori gave $25.
October 7-Kevin and Taylor wrote me back.
I did an online chat with the founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Nancy Brinker, about her book Promise Me, put on by Prevention Magazine.