Thursday, October 7, 2010

3Day training update

September 13- I donated the money from Mother's coworker and our neighbor online.
I walked Levi but after I did my chest really hurt.
September 14-I ordered some postcards to send as reminders from Vistaprint.
I emailed a restaurant about possible sponsorship.
I went to the Nike store to look at shoes.  The salesgirl who helped me was named Sarah.  She told me her mom had had breast cancer.  I told her and the other salespeople about the 3Day to tell them what I needed the shoes for.  They all seemed to know what it is.  I gave Sarah my information and my card, and she may want to walk next year.
The donation from Mother's coworker posted.
September 15-Sarah added me on Facebook
September 16-I got a blue sleeping bag at Target, that's rated to 30 degrees.
My twitter friend Jay gave $25, and he filed for matching.
September 17-A friend sent me an email in response to a follow-up I sent everyone.  She promised me a donation in a couple weeks.
We went to the Nike store.  I took my old shoes in and put them in recycling.  I got some white shoes with a pink swoosh.  They're not Nike plus, so I have to get a sensor case.  I got pink laces at Reebok where Mother got shoes.  Sarah helped me at Nike.  The lady who rang me up told me her sister was fighting breast cancer when I told her about the 3day.  I gave her my card.  She thanked me for walking.
I got Nancy Brinker's book Promise Me at Wal-Mart.  I was so glad it was there; I thought I'd have to order it.
September 20-My friend Sara gave $20.
My friend Barbara gave $50.
September 21-I posted a prayer request on Kevin and Taylor's facebook page, and they wrote me back.
I called the church and got on the prayer list.
September 22-I put my donation link on a lot of my Facebook friends' pages.
September 23-The postcards I ordered came, and they look great.
September 24-I gave all my virtual pets' friends pink plushies and wrote them about the 3day.
September 26-I gave out some of my postcards at church.
September 28-Mother gave my postcard and business cards to a coworker at Home Depot-she told her about the 3day and how much we need to raise, and the girl said she could do it (her parents are wealthy).
September 29-My cousin Wendy gave $25.
September 30-I got foot lotion at Ingles for after the 3day.
October 2-We went to Dahlonega and talked to people in several stores about sponsoring me-I got several outright nos, but there were also a few who seemed interested.
October 3-I talked to the Starbucks manager about hanging up my postcard-she told me she couldn't, but to talk to Kroger's customer care.  I did, and the boy there let me hang up my card.  He also told me that the manager might let me have a fundraiser.
I got a pink ribbon bear, socks, and notebook, and also pink star sunglasses at Target.
I got a hot pink breast cancer shirt at Wal-Mart.
October 4-I logged almost 5000 steps.
October 6-I walked 1.34 miles. My sensor died about 2/3 of the way through my walk.  I also logged about 1700 steps.
When I turned on the radio this morning, Kevin and Taylor were talking about the 3day walk and those who walk in it.  What they were saying really encouraged me about the walk.  I wrote them a note on their Facebook page thanking them.
My twitter friend Lori gave $25.
October 7-Kevin and Taylor wrote me back.
I did an online chat with the founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Nancy Brinker, about her book Promise Me, put on by Prevention Magazine.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

3Day training update

August 8-I got our magnets on our cars-mine on the driver's door, Mother's on her back bumper.
August 9-I walked 4.37 miles.
August 10-A fellow walker, Gabrielle, tweeted me and said if I'd give to her she'd give to me.  A bit later she gave $40!  I got her hooked up with the 3Day Tweeps.
I did 30 minutes on the elliptical.
August 11-I didn't walk because I felt weak due to mucus/sinus problems.
August 12-I fell out of bed and woke up on the floor.  I got a bad bruise on my face and a bump on my head.
August 13-I got a $50 donation in the mail from a neighbor lady whom I met on one of my walks.
August 17-I worked out 30 minutes on the elliptical.
August 18-My mom got me a hot pink T-shirt.
August 19-My mom got me a hot pink jacket and capris.
I called the 3Day coaches and spoke to a lady named Dana about my training and my not being able to walk. She reminded me the training plan is just a guideline and not set in stone.  It made me feel better about not walking.
August 20-My Superpoke Pets friend Kitty gave $10.
August 22- I logged 2700 steps (about 1.3 miles) at Kroger and Wal-mart.
August 23-I walked 4.15 miles.
August 24-I worked out 30 minutes on the elliptical.
I tweeted my friend Pam about how she got businesses to sponsor her, and she emailed me how she did it.
August 25-I walked 5.07 miles.  I saw a flock of 19 Canadian geese on a big yard.  They were there for my whole walk.
My cousin Jo gave $100!
August 26-I worked out 45 minutes on the elliptical.
My friend recommended a company where I can get a shirt made-I emailed them and think they may be a good place to get a shirt made.
August 27-I walked 15.08 miles!  About 3.5 miles in I sat on a bench and ate a granola bar.  At 7.5 miles I sat and ate pizza stix.  At about 11.5 miles I sat and ate a little pack of Craisins.  At 13.5 miles I started eating  my sport beans.  At 14 miles I started drinking my orangemint water.
August 29-My dad gave me a $100 donation over lunch.  I logged 2300 steps.
August 30-I walked 2.61 miles.  
I deposited the check from my dad and donated it online.
Some donations I sent in posted.
August 31-I worked out 45 minutes on the elliptical.
The locations for the opening and closing ceremonies posted-opening is at Lake Lanier Islands, closing is at Turner Field.
I logged 1135 steps, about half a mile.
September 1-I walked 6.47 miles.  My orange cat friend let me pet him twice.
I logged about 2300 steps.
September 2-I worked out about 45 minutes on the elliptical.
Through a Facebook post from a fellow Tweep I found out that the people who give to me online can leave me a message.  I got several nice ones, from my friend Kitty, from our neighbors, and found out from my cousin Dawn that my cousin Pam had had breast cancer.
September 3-I walked 8.1 miles.  At about 3.5 miles I walked to a bench, sat, and ate a granola bar.  I saw a crane on the beach.  At about 4.5 miles I saw a lady watering her plants.  I stopped and talked to her for a few minutes.  I gave her my card and told her about the 3Day.  She said her sister had had breast cancer and she would give.
I wrote a note on my friend Anita's Facebook wall.  She wrote me back, asking how to give.  She said her mom, who is battling breast cancer, is doing better.  She thanked me for walking and said maybe she'd walk next year and we could team up.
My mom called from work at 6.  She said her boss let her make a lot of copies of my donation form and gave her a $100 donation.
September 4-I walked 6.23 miles.
September 5-I logged 4800 steps, about 2.29 miles.
September 6-I walked 5.15 miles.
September 7-I sent messages/posted notes to all of my Facebook friends about the 3Day.
September 8-I walked 6.56 miles.  I saw a crane, and a rabbit.
My friend Anita gave $50.
September 9-We went to Cumming.  At my doctor's office I told the receptionists about the 3Day and gave them my cards. I found out one of them was a breast cancer survivor.  At Target I got a pink journal to go in my pack, and and a charger for my ipod.
I logged 2100 steps, about a mile.
September 11-Another of my mom's coworker's gave-this time $25.
At about 7:30, our chocolate Lab Levi and I went out for a little walk around the block.  At the corner there were some people cooking out.  I spoke to them a bit, about baseball and other things.  Then I told them about the 3Day.  They seemed interested in it, so I ran back to the house and got my card, went back and gave it to them.  One of the gentlemen gave me $10 cash.  The lady with him was acting as if she'll give more later.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Outlive Your Life

I have been a long-time fan of Max Lucado's, and this book once again reminds me of why.  In this book Lucado, through anecdotes, parables, and Scripture, encourages and pushes Christians to do more than just live an average life.  The whole premise of the book is reminding the reader that God almost exclusively, except for the Incarnation, used the average Joe to accomplish His goals for and among humanity.  Max takes the reader through the first 12 chapters in the New Testament book of Acts, pointing out the similarities between the early Church fathers and the average churchgoers of today, and prodding us to get out of our comfort zones and actually do something to change the world we live in and be a true reflection of Christ and His teachings.  
     I truly enjoyed reading this book.  I felt challenged.  I was reminded, through the parables and anecdotes shared, of how truly blessed we are in this nation, compared to a great part of the world's population.  There are so many people who are dying of diseases that we in the West have conquered, who are starving to death when we here usually wrestle with obesity, who long for freedoms we take for granted.  It should be our job as the church to assist those who are in need, no matter where they are in the world or their situation.  Christians should be known for our compassion and giving, and this book reminds us of that, and of why that should be-because that is what our Lord was like and what He asks of His body.  This book is a wonderful encouraging help to anyone who is wanting to be more like Jesus. 
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Resurrection in May

In Resurrection in May, Lisa Samson once again weaves a tale about someone undergoing profound physical and emotional transformation.  At the center of this story is May Seymour, a young woman who is probably typical for women her age-she is a socialite, dating frequently, clubbing.  In the throws of a hangover she encounters a kindly old man, Claudius, who helps her through her hangover.  She tells him she is leaving soon as a missionary to Rwanda.  What happens to her there, on that trip, changes her life and scars her permanently.  She is unfortunate enough to be a witness to the Rwandan genocide of 1994, and is the sole survivor of the village where she was ministering.  
May returns to the States, to the care of her parents, greatly scarred, both inside and out.  When her father sees she is not recovering well, he contacts Claudius, and May goes to live with him on his farm and recover.  She remains there, on that property, for years, developing a case of agoraphobia. Even after Claudius' death she cannot make herself leave, because of fear.  Finally through the help of her faith and loving friends, she experiences a rebirth and makes her life much better because of it.
I truly enjoyed this book.  The transformation that takes place in May is a wonderful thing, as are the relationships portrayed between Claudius and May, and with some of her other friends, most notably Ruth, her neighbor, and Eli, an old college classmate.  This book is a wonderful read for anyone, but maybe especially someone who has been through a very traumatic experience and lived to tell about it.
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Saturday, August 7, 2010

3Day training update

July 11-I chatted on Facebook with a high school classmate, about my sickness and the 3Day.
July 12-I walked 3.35 miles.
July 13-I went to Family Christian Stores, and got a compact hot pink NIV Bible, to go in my backpack on the 3day.  It's very lightweight and more durable than the paperback one I had.
I went to my stepmother's funeral.  While there I got to talk to my aunts and my cousin, and they all said they were going to give later.
I did 15 minutes yoga.
July 14-I walked 5.21 miles, though I felt weak from the summer crud and thought I'd only be able to do about 2.  I saw a rabbit, and some Canada geese grazing.
July 15-I did 30 minutes yoga.
July 16-We went to Gainesville.  I got my eyes checked at America's Best. I chose some pink glasses, to wear on the 3Day.  I gave a donor card to the man who helped me choose glasses.
July 17-I walked 6.42 miles.  On a large yard facing the lake, I saw a flock of 10 Canada geese grazing.  They were there almost the whole time I walked.  I walked a bit with a lady and man who were walking a pair of big boxers.  I talked to the lady most.  I told her about the 3Day and asked her to give.  She said she might.
I went to the park and walked a lap on the track to see how many steps are in one of my miles-I found it to be about 2100.  It helped me convert the totals on my pedometer to miles.
July 18-As I logged on for the day I saw I was getting an email from the 3Day-I opened it and found that my aunt Betsy and uncle Ricky had given $100!
After church I spoke to some people about the 3Day and breast cancer, especially my friends Angela, JD, and Cindi.  Cindi told me her uncle had breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy.
I walked 2300+ steps at Wal-mart and Kroger.
Aaron gave me $1.45 he won at his grandpa's playing poker.
July 19-I walked 3.24 miles.
July 20-I did 30 minutes yoga.
July 21-I walked 5.4 miles. I waited until after my favorite morning show went off at 10 to walk and it was a little harder because of the heat.  I met a man mowing his grass, and stopped a bit to talk to him.  I asked if he'd like to give and he said yes.
July 22-Through conversations on Twitter, a lot of us walkers there has formed an unofficial team-Team Twitter.  One of the girls is going to design a logo/shirt for us.
Also I read a blog entry by a Chicago walker about walking alone that made me feel better about it.
July 23-I set out at 6:40 AM, aiming for 10 miles.  I had my pack, with a frozen bottle of orangemint water in it.  I felt pretty good.  About halfway through, I walked back to a point on my route where there's a bench, sat on it, ate a granola bar and read some Bible verses from Isaiah.  Then I kept walking.  I honestly didn't think I would really be able to do 10 miles, but I wanted to go as far as I could and at least beat my best distance, which was 6.43 miles.  When I had almost reached the mileage where I would head home, I saw a car backing up from a driveway so I got onto the grass.  When she got out on the road she had her window down.  I talked to her a bit.  She apologized because she hadn't seen me.  I gave her a business card.  She said she knew I was training for the 3Day, I guess from word of mouth or the fliers I gave out earlier.  I asked her to give-she said she would, because I was working so hard.  I was able to walk 10.14 miles!
When I got home I was soaking wet.  I put on dry clothes and cooled down.  My feet, especially my big toes, are sore.  But I feel great.  I cannot believe I was able to walk 10 miles!
On the Team Twitter front, Julie (@knittingbagel) is designing our logo.
The Boston 3Day is going strong-Kristen and others have posted great updates and pics.
July 24-My mom, Aaron and I left home at 8:20.  We got breakfast at McDonald's, then headed down 400 to Peachtree Road UMC, where the Preview Expo was being held.  We got there about 9:30, so we were able to park pretty well, in the shade.  The church was HUGE.  We went inside and I got signed in.  The vendors were just setting up, but I looked around.  I bought two round stickers that say Walker Girl.
They had stations where people could make signs that are put out on the walk route, and where we could write letters that'll be given to us in camp.  Aaron made a sign that had a big ribbon (it was red, I don't think there were any pink markers) drawn on it, that said, Brandee walk for the cure.  My mom wrote me a note.
Several outfitters had booths, as did several sponsors.  I got a couple packs of AA batteries, some sunscreen samples, a big REI bag, candy and brochures.
I went to a couple clinics, about life on the 3Day and blister care.  In the process of going from one to the other I found several of my Twitter friends-Pam, her teammate Shannon, and Lilly.  Later we found Abby.   I went to the injury prevention clinic with them.  After it, I looked more at the outfitters.  I bought two pairs of padded socks, which will hopefully help my feet and some cherry sport beans. I got some cute stickers, a couple 3Day DVDs, and a bunch of coupons and fliers.  We went to a packing seminar.  After it we found Tammy and got pictures made.  Pam made some of me,with the Atlanta banner.  I took my camera but the batteries were dead.  I got sample size hand sanitizer, and a printed ziploc to put toiletries in.
Abby, Lilly, Tammy, Pam, me, and Shannon.
July 25-I did a 3Day habitat for my virtual pet, Elizabeth, with my donor link.
I got pink crocs with a grey plaid lining to wear in camp.  I got pink ribbon charms to go on them, along with a Star of David and an Israeli flag.
Pam sent me the photos she made of me, and they're great.  I changed my profile pic to one of them on everything but Twitter, where I've not been able to.
I put all the word magnets I got at the Training Kick-Off on a magnetic board I got.
July 26-I walked 3.32 miles.
I got a $25 donation from my cousin Debbie.
July 27-Carol, the lady I met on my 10-mile walk, gave $50.
Julie is designing a magnet for my car.  Cat is getting some kind of wristband for our team.
I worked out on Mother's elliptical-like machine for 30 minutes.
I went to the bank, and deposited the money Debbie sent and $10 I had in our coin jar.  I donated it online.
July 28-I walked 5.31 miles.  As I left the house I saw the flock of geese grazing down by our club pavilion.  On about my first or second lap they were over on the big yard next to the water.  I also saw a turtle by the road.
July 29-Julie sent me the magnet design, and it's great. I ordered 2 from Vistaprint.
I did 45 minutes on the machine.
I went to the bank.  I gave my business card to the teller, in the hopes she'd give.  Instead she asked when the 3Day was, and acted like she wants to do it too.  I told her I'd bring her a DVD.
July 30-I walked 11.1 miles!  I stopped about halfway through, sat on the bench a bit, and ate a granola bar.  On my next to last or last lap I saw a lady in a red VW bug.  She had her window down, and asked if I was still training for my event.  I said I was, and gave her my card.  She said she would give to me.  Also about then I refilled my water bottle, using the spigot on a house.
Julie designed a couple logos for Team Twitter, and they're adorable.
We went to Cumming.  En route we talked about what I still need.  I said, when we get a sleeping bag and pad, I can keep it if I want to do it again.  I honestly thought my mom wouldn't like me doing the walk again, but she acted like it wasn't a big deal if I do.
July 31-I walked 5.14 miles. I saw a lady walking a dog who looked a lot like our dog Gracie.  I gave her my card and asked her to give.
I got a $25 donation from my aunt and uncle in the mail.
There's a Cafe Press site with clothes with the Team Twitter logo on them that Julie designed.
August 1-My Twitter friend Jay has started a Team Twitter to walk in the 2011 Atlanta 3Day!  I'm hoping very much I can be a part of it.
August 2-I walked 4.15 miles.
August 3-Cat got a 3Day Tweeps site sat up.
I went to Chick-Fil-A and spoke to a manager about a donation-I was told I needed to talk to their marketing director.  I went to Wal-Mart and spoke to a manager there about fundraising-he said that corporate would not let them allow people to raise money there, it raised too many complaints from people.
I went to the bank and spoke to the teller I talked about the 3Day with.  I gave her a DVD and ring.
I did 30 minutes on the elliptical.
August 4-I walked 5.06 miles.
August 5-I did about 45 minutes on the elliptical.
A $25 donation from one of our neighbors posted.
August 6-I walked 12.11 miles.  About 4 miles in I took a break and ate a granola bar.  After another 4 miles I stopped and ate a pack of pizza sticks. I refilled my water bottle, again with a spigot on a house.  With about a mile and a half to go, I opened and ate the pack of sport beans I got at the Preview Expo.  When I hit the 11-mile marker I started to drink the bottle of peppermint water I had with me.  I put it in the freezer for a couple days, then put it, wrapped in a towel, in my walking pack as I left.  By the time I was nearly done it was almost thawed.  Between the sport beans and the mint water I caught a second wind, somewhat, and felt good when I finished.
August 7-I walked 7.24 miles.
I went to a local bike shop and got some more sport beans.
The magnets I ordered from Vistaprint came, and they look great.  My mom and I are going to put them on our cars, and hopefully get some donations.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Status report

June 27-My friend Anita gave me a pair of pink ribbon earrings.  She also told me that her mom has breast cancer.
June 28-I walked 3.27 miles.
June 29-I did 25 minutes yoga.
June 30-I walked 5.5 miles.
July 1-I sold my friend Betsy and her daughter Hope 8 of my old books for $8.  Hope and I watched the 3Day DVD.
I did 30 minutes yoga.
July 2-I walked 4.22 miles.  I walked all over our neighborhood, and put fliers about the Walk in mailboxes.
My cousins donated $50!  Also the donations I sent in posted online.
July 3-I walked 3.35 miles.  My sister-in-law promised me a $50 donation later on.
July 4-A dear friend promised me a donation later on.
July 5-I walked 3.4 miles.
July 6-I did 15 minutes yoga.
I called the 3Day coaches to cancel my RSVP to the Super Clinic in Buford Saturday-it sounded a lot like the one I went to at North Point.  I spoke to a lady named Maggie.
July 7-I walked 5.31 miles.  
I braided a bracelet with the pink embroidery floss I have, and tried to braid my hair for the first time.  The bracelet looked better than my hair, but my hair looked OK.
July 8-I got a $50 donation in the mail from some cousins.
I did 30 minutes yoga.
July 9-Starting Thursday morning, I have felt very weak, mostly because of what I believe to be an allergy attack.  This is causing much sinus drainage, mostly in my nose and throat.  I was able to do yoga Thursday, but did not feel up to walking 8 miles.  My family and I went to a bowling alley/arcade and had pizza for lunch, and between all that and grocery shopping, I logged 2745 steps.
July 10-My legs felt pretty sore, and I felt weak, though stronger than yesterday.
I have been faithfully following the 24-week training plan, though I have modified it so that my day of rest is on Sunday instead of Monday.  The only reason I have not walked is illness, yet for some reason I feel very guilty when I have to miss a day (or two).  I know this is just a bump in the road to doing the 3Day, yet somehow in the moment it seems very discouraging. I am praying I feel well enough to meet my training goals for the next week.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mystically Wired

In Mystically Wired, author Ken Wilson explores the inner workings of the most mysterious of all organs: the human brain.  This book explains how we can calm down the busyness that defines most of our lives and thought processes and experience more peace and stillness before God, which results in more of Him and in His presence.  
Mystically Wired is divided into two sections.  In the first, the author presents relevant scientific findings that spiritual practices, such as prayer, can have a true calming effect on the brain's activities.  The second delves into practices people can integrate into their daily lives and routines to calm their minds so that they can be more fulfilled and peaceful in prayer.
In the first section, Wilson introduces the premise that our brains "are adapted or designed to reach beyond the limits of the ingrown self to connect with the wonder of life beyond the self, including the life of God" (p.3)  He also goes over the fact that many of us have trouble connecting, like when we call someone but the line is full of static.  Also many of us like to control our prayers, i.e., to do what we think our family or church family would find acceptable, not what we feel the Lord or Spirit nudging us to do.
The second half goes over simple ways to connect more fully to the wonder of life beyond the self.  There are several of these.  Among them are holding those we love in our memory before God, the source of love.  Another is, during moments of excessive worry or stress selecting a word, phrase, text or image as our focal point-a name for God or a visual or other sensory image from a psalm.  Another is praying at fixed intervals of the day, perhaps using liturgies from the Catholic or Episcopalian traditions, and celebrating seasonal holidays such as Pentecost and Christmas as well.  Wilson also suggests getting out of our urban environment and going to nature to pray.  
There is much to be found and applied in this book, but the main thought really is: We can learn how to pray, and Jesus can teach us.  That is truly what this book is all about, and it encourages us to take a small step of some sort into that direction as we follow the Lord.  

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Status report

June 13-I walked 4.22 miles.  I took a pack of pizza sticks with me.  I sat at the top of a hill, in our boat storage area 2 times to rest and ate them.  I wanted to do 5 miles but didn't think I could.
June 14-I walked 3.41 miles.  I took a short break.
My cousin Jane called.  She said she got my letter, and wanted to know who to make the check to.
My lumbar pack and buttons from the 3Day shop came.  I love them.  The pack is able to be carried several different ways.
June 15-My uncle Jim called, saying he got his letter.
I did 20 minutes yoga.
June 16-I walked 5.27 miles.  It was very humid.  I saw the orange and black cats.  I didn't have to stop and rest.
In the mail I got $25 from my cousin and $50 from my uncle.  
June 17-I did 30 minutes yoga.
I walked .57 miles with the dogs.  Part of it was trying to get Grace out of the dog's pen across the street.  I ran a little with her.
June 18-I walked 6.39 miles.  
I have the beginning of a blister on my big toe.
June 19-I walked 5.12 miles.
June 20-Saturday evening my grandnephew Aaron told me our neighbor Lance wanted to talk to me, so after I got dressed I went and talked to him.  He gave me a $100 donation!
Coming in from seeing Lance, I stumbled and twisted my right foot a little.  I tried to put on my tennis shoe, but it hurt.  I got my dad to come and get us so I wouldn't have to drive.  After we got home, I put it up and wrapped it in an ace bandage, and put ice on it some.
June 21-My foot felt much better.  I went shopping in Cumming and only felt a few twinges.  
I did 15 minutes yoga.
June 22-I walked 3.29 miles.  My foot felt OK.
June 23-I walked 5.1 miles.  
June 24-I did 30 minutes yoga.
June 25-I left home at 7:30, meaning to walk 7 miles.  About a mile and a half in I had to stop and rest.  My right leg hurt.  I sat, caught my breath, and listened to my favorite morning show on 104.7, through the radio in my iPod.  After that I had to stop every lap, which is a little over a mile.  I felt light headed a little, especially toward the end.  
I carried my lumbar pack with me-I like it, especially as a waist pack or slung over my shoulder with the strap.  Training, using it as a regular backpack is too hot.  On the event that way may be OK.  It didn't bump me at all any way I carried it.
I think maybe several things made my walk as bad as it was-I only made it 6 miles, I had to cut home across the lake and up through the woods, and it took me over 2 hours. (Only 3.7 miles is recorded because of an error on my part.)  One, it was the first walk I had with the pack.  Two, either PMS or some illness seems to have weakened me.  Three, it was about 80% humidity.  It was like the perfect storm, and a miserable walk was the result.  I thought for a while it was the pack, so on my last loop through our boat storage area, I stowed it between some sheds.  
One good thing-I was crouching in the street resting when a small black lab came to me.  She licked my hand a bit.  Her owner saw us and asked if the dog was scaring me.  I said no, and told her about our chocolate lab Levi, who outweighs her by about 50 pounds.  She said she's seen me walking a lot.  I told her about the 3Day, and asked if she'd like to give.  She said yes, so we went in her house so I could give her my email address, but then she decided to give me a check right then.  She gave $25.
When I got home I was drenched in sweat.  My bra was soaked.  I've walked that far (and farther) but have never sweat so much.  I'm very glad the walk I'm participating in is in October, when it's cooler and less humid.  I think if ours was before Labor Day here it'd be pretty bad.
I put seven miles on my training log because I logged about 2,000 steps at Wal-Mart.
June 26-I walked 6.25 miles.  It went much better than yesterday's walk.  I felt pretty good when it was over.
I helped a 3Day friend from Twitter get going on the Nike plus website.
Yesterday, through someone I follow on Twitter (I think)  I got led to a blog entry about a lady who is running the Chicago marathon to raise money for World Vision, whose work partly is to help those in Africa who don't have access to clean water.  On the blog she is keeping about her training program, she put this verse: How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, "Your God reigns!" (Isaiah 52:7)  This verse has really inspired me last night and this morning, and also the song by Twila Paris, How Beautiful.  I'm thinking of changing my team name (at this point it's just me) to Beautiful Feet.  I can't think of much better tidings than an end to breast cancer once and for all.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Status report

May 30-I printed my letter and donation forms, and took them to church.  I gave out several.  Also my friend Mary, and Todd, who preached, prayed with me over the envelopes.  
I got a pair of blue shorts to walk in.
May 31-I walked 3.25 miles, in light rain.
At the end of my walk, a car passed me-he rolled down his window and said something like, even in the rain?  I said, I have something big to train for.  Later, I was out on the porch calling Grace, our dog.  He lives next to us, and he asked what I'm training for.  I told him about the 3Day, and asked if he would like to donate.  He said he would, so I came in and got my donation form and a business card and took it to him.  We had a nice conversation about the 3Day, what made me do it, and the Lord-they're believers too.  
June 1-In response to the entry I wrote on June 1, my friend from school Kesa wrote me a nice note on Facebook.
June 2-I walked 4.14 miles .  
I ordered more business cards with printed backs.
We got stamps.  I stamped envelopes, put our address on some, and put the SASEs in the original ones.
I called the 3Day coaches, and spoke to a lady named Carol.  I asked if the things in the shop would be available at the Preview Expo.  She wasn't sure so I called the 3Day shop and asked-they said no.  I also asked about shipping-it is about half the price to ship if you order over the phone.
June 3-I did 30 minutes yoga.
June 4-I walked 5.94 miles.  I saw a rabbit.  The black cat at see on my route let me pet him.
June 5-I walked 4.11 miles.  
June 6-I tweeted some celebrities I follow about the 3Day, and Mandisa retweeted me.
June 7-I walked 3.72 miles.  
I called the 3Day shop, and ordered a set of buttons and the lumbar pack I wanted.
My new business cards came, and they look great. 
I printed my letters, stuffed envelopes, got them ready to go, and put them in the mailbox.
June 8-I did 15 minutes yoga.
June 9-I walked 4.2 miles.  
My teeth, especially my false front one, hurt badly.  It hurt so much that I was crying.  It was just throbbing.  I knew it was my sinuses because the pain kept jumping around my mouth.  I tried to eat but I would accidentally bump my teeth and it hurt very much.  Finally at about lunch time I called and was blessed enough to get a doctor's appointment that day.  At the doctors' I spoke to a physician's assistant and then the doctor. He thought I have a sinus infection, and maybe some allergies.  He gave me an antibiotic, a tablet that is bigger than the seizure pills that I take.
June 10-I woke up in less pain.  I did 30 minutes yoga.
I was unable to train on Friday and Saturday because my infection and the antibiotic made me a bit dizzy and weak.  I am getting better every day, thankfully. My appetite is returning to normal.  These trials in my training seem to be a real test of my will, but I am determined to not give up and meet my goal of doing the 3Day walk.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Discouragement and the 3Day

It may just be brought on by a bout of hormonal emotion, but yesterday evening and today I have felt great discouragement about my 3Day journey, especially the fundraising efforts.  Over the long weekend I addressed envelopes to all our extended family, and I also edited my  fundraising letter, mostly by trimming it considerably.  Last night, and really the night before, my mom raised the issue that I should not ask for a donation of $50, because she knew some in her family would not be able to do that.  I told her, several times, that those who run the 3Day have said that it's best to name a figure, instead of just saying "give what you can", which is what she was wanting me to put.  (I think I see where the fundraising advice is coming from--we as outsiders do not really KNOW anything about anyone else's financial situations or their ability to afford anything.)  She, as usual, would not listen to me.  Sometimes I feel like I am the only positive person here.  My mother, and as a result, my grandnephew, is angry a lot and very negative.  I am doing my best to keep a positive mindset about this whole process, but it is very difficult here, because I seem to fight opposition at every turn.  It seems like no matter what I say at times, it starts an argument with one of them.  My grandnephew in particular has a very short fuse.  I avoid conflict here at every turn; yet sometimes it cannot be avoided, like when I am alone with the boy.  
Also this weekend, I edited my letter a bit and distributed it to some at my church, along with my donation forms.  I am going to print them out and put them in some mailboxes around my home, which is in a lakeside community where a lot of summer people come up on the weekend.  I have also sent out several emails to friends. I have kept my facebook status and twitter status mainly about the 3Day, always including my fundraising link, yet they have resulted in NO donations.  The only donations I have gotten as yet have been from a girlfriend at church, my neighbor, and from a friend of my virtual pet Elizabeth.  I do not know how else to promote this to my friends.  I have thought of sending them all personal emails.  I am totally underwhelmed at their response, and totally disappointed.  I was also hoping to spread this abroad at our church some, but I could never get a firm answer from our leadership about doing it.  I had the thought of trying to get someone to walk with me, so I am not in Atlanta in October among a sea of strangers, but I couldn't get anyone to even express interest.  Again, I am totally disappointed.
I am hoping to take advantage of the increased population in our neighborhood until Labor Day by possibly having a pink lemonade stand and maybe selling homemade pretzels and other baked goods.  My grandnephew could help me.  I am loving the fundraising ideas I hear from the 3Day community, but most of them take money to do or put on, and that is in short supply here.
I have to fight this discouragement with all that is within me, and remember "God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!" (Eph. 3 20).

Monday, May 31, 2010

May 24- I walked 4.18 miles.  My orange striped cat friend let me hold him, and on my second and third passes of his house as I went by he was chasing me down the road.
May 25-We went to Cumming.  I got pink envelopes at Office Max.  I got some blue shorts to walk in at Target.
May 26-I walked 4.13 miles.
I got over 100 miles in training.  I went to Longhorn to celebrate.  I had a coupon for a free appetizer-I got fresh potato chips with BBQ dip (which is great), grilled citrus chicken and fries.  It was all great.  My waitress was great. I watched Spongebob and How I Met Your Mother on my iPod.  I brought part of the chips and most of the dip home.
May 27-I did 30 minutes yoga.
I got my letter written!
May 28-I walked 5.3 miles.
We went to the elementary school for a pizza party, and I gave my grandnephew Aaron's teach my 3Day business card.
May 29-I walked 3.19 miles.  At the bottom of a big hill, where the road is over a small creek leading to Lake Lanier, I saw a goose, a gander, and 5 goslings.
My mother was reminded about how much I have to raise, and so she gave me all her saved change.  It filled a large pickle jar more than halfway.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

3Day training update

May 17-I walked 3.78 miles .
May 19-I walked 3.69 miles .
May 20-I did 30 minutes yoga.
May 21-I walked 5.75 miles.  At mile 1.3 I stopped because my shoe felt too tight.  I pressed pause, and it somehow reset the iPod, so it erased my workout.  I started it again, and I got 4.45 more miles.
I called the 3Day coaches with a question--can I break up longer distances on the schedule?  I spoke to a lady named Nancy, and she was very helpful.  She said it's OK to break up the distances some.
I did almost 6 miles.  I cannot believe I did it.  I thought I was unable to do 5 miles, so it surprised me greatly I got nearly 6.
May 22-I walked 3.05 miles .When I got to where the orange striped cat I've been petting lives, he was standing at the end of his driveway.  It's like he knew I was coming and was waiting for me.
The dog stepped on my shoe and made a hole in it and my sock.
I got a tweet of encouragement from Heidi this morning.
May 23-I walked .21 miles with Levi.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Map: The Way of All Great Men

The Map: The Way of All Great Men
The Map, by David Murrow, is a great book for men everywhere.  It reveals a long-ignored life pattern found in the Gospel of Matthew.  The first half of the book is a fictional journey in which the author spins a tale of intrigue concerning how he first discovered the map, that is the pattern of life.  
    The map consists of three journeys, which occur in life, and also as seen in the life of Christ in the Gospel of Matthew.  The first journey is the journey of submission, as displayed in Christ's life in Matthew 1-7.  The second journey is that of strength, as demonstrated in Matthew 8-25.  The final journey is that of sacrifice, as displayed in Matthew 26-28.  The author uses a diagram of a mountain to illustrate this:  on the left side of the mountain is femininity, and on the right is masculinity.  
     In the first journey of submission, which usually occurs in a man's life as he goes through childhood and young adulthood, he is moving toward the feminine side of the mountain.  As he moves into the second journey, he moves back toward the masculine side of the mountain.  Finally, in the journey of sacrifice, he moves up the mountain and more towards a balance between the masculine and feminine.  While the journeys are never truly completed, i.e, one can begin before another ends, unlike a physical journey.
     Morrow also points out that this pattern of the three journeys can be seen in other Biblical characters, such as Moses, King David, and the Apostle Paul.  They can also be seen in secular culture, such as in movies, television and literature.  
    In this book Morrow also points out a weakness in many churches: they are more geared toward women and more feminine that masculine, so many men get bored in attending church.  The Map was a response to this partly, and partly an attempt to help men on their spiritual journey, no matter what stage of their journey they are on.  There is much to be found in this book, for both men and women.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


May 5-I walked 3.23 miles. 
May 6-I did 20 minutes yoga, on our porch.
May 7-I walked 3.28 miles .
May 8-I walked 3.43 miles. At the boat ramp I saw 2 geese and their goslings.  I walked a bit slower than usual.
May 9-I got pink M & Ms and 6 more pairs of pink ribbon socks at Kroger.
May 10-I walked 3.66 miles.  I saw an orange striped cat, and he let me pet him twice.
May 12-I walked 4.02 miles.  I saw a turtle in the road.
May 13-I did 30 minutes yoga.
May 14-I walked 3.56 miles.
May 15-I walked 3.79 miles.  I saw a little turtle, and a couple of cats, one of which I think was a Maine Coon cat.  He looked a lot like my cat Harry, who died in December 2008.
This week I have felt tired and have felt leg and foot pain, due to walking and also to pollen.  However I have kept on walking, and I feel better both physically and mentally because I have done so.  I have truly loved every bit of this journey and am looking forward to all that is to come.  Thanks for your support and prayers.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


April 23-I walked 2.65 miles.  I found a nickel along my route.
April 26-I walked 2.74 miles.  
I joined more challenges on Nike+ , and set a goal there.
April 28-I walked 2.82 miles.  I felt bad so I thought maybe I wouldn't be able to walk, but I was.  
April 29-I did 15 minutes yoga.
April 30-I walked 3.04 miles.  I found a quarter at the McDonald's in our Walmart.
May 1-  I went to the Training Kick-off at New Balance North Point.  I got there a little early, but there were already a lot of people.  Star 94 had a radio truck there, which actually helped me find it.  Karen, who ran the Get Started meeting I went to, was there.  I got shoelaces and a magnet set free.  They had water, pink lemonade and breakfast, too. First we went in the store and the staff talked to us about choosing and buying shoes.  I used their computer and found my instep and heel are my main pressure points.  I met some nice ladies.  
At about 8 45 we went outside to prepare for our walk.  We did stretching and a little aerobics to music from the radio truck, including All The Single Ladies.  Then we set out.  We walked all the way around the mall.  I had several nice conversations with fellow walkers.  The one I talked to most was a lady named Kristen.  She's a biologist, and we talked about genetics and peoples' predisposition towards diseases, including addictions.  Later I gave her my business card, and she said she knew me from Twitter .  
I also walked with a couple ladies who had the 3day lumbar pack -  they said they liked it and it was large and comfortable.  We walked 3.46 miles -I finished pretty close to the front.  I got to show some others my iPod and the Nike+ system, and they all seem to really like it.
I also met a lady named Heidi, who lives in Cleveland. We talked about fundraising and other things.
I got a pink water bottle that came with a pen in it.  It was a giveaway to those who spent more than $100, but one of the staff had pity on me and let me have it for $10.
I beat my best distance ever, at least as long as I've had Nike+.  Yet it wasn't that difficult and seemed to go really quickly, because I was talking to everyone.  All in all it was a wonderful experience, and I'm very glad I was part of it.  I think it was kind of a preview to the event itself; it was awesome to be a part of that long line of walkers.
I noticed that my hands swelled during the walk.
Later, when I got home, I found the beginnings of blisters on my heels.  I think that between the distance and my new shoes I got blisters.
Heidi found me on Facebook and added me.  Both she and Kristen sent me nice tweets.
May 2-This morning my heels were hurting.  Friday evening my legs really hurt, but all that did last night was my feet.  
Tonight I read Kristen's blog about this year's training.  She's got some great posts, with one that really encouraged me about fundraising.
I showed my mom the lumbar pack, and she said we could get it when she get paid.
May 3-We went to Cumming.  At Office Max I got some stationery for my letters.  It has orchids on it.
Kristen wrote about me today in her blog , and included a picture with me in it.

I walked 3.16 miles .  I thought it was going to rain all day, so I didn't think I'd be able to walk, but it cleared up about 2.
May 4-I walked .52 miles with Levi.
May 5-I walked 3.23 miles .

Thursday, April 22, 2010


March 24- I walked 2.5 miles. I joined a couple new Nike+ challenges.
March 26-I walked 2.52 miles. My nephew's girlfriend gave me $1 in change for the walk.
March 27-I walked 2.77 miles, part on the trail by the lake and part in the road.
I have blisters on both heels, and the right one's pretty painful. The blister on my toe is nearly well but becoming a callus.
March 28-I found a dime in the road in front of our house. My sister-in-law promised to save her change for me.
March 30-I walked 2.9 miles. My mom gave me a pair of Reeboks that don't rub my heels, so I barely felt my blister. While I walked I decided if I could beat my best distance I would have fresh mixers pasta for lunch-I beat it by .13.
I found a great blog by a fellow walker.
March 31-I walked 3.07 miles.
The business cards I ordered came, and they look great.
I woke up on the floor (I may have had a seizure that caused me to fall out of bed) and my left thigh is badly bruised. My left ankle is also a little tender.
April 4-After our church service, I went on stage to speak to my sister, and before I did so I spoke to the man who ministered that day and got him to pray with me about the 3-Day. He prayed a nice prayer, and said his sister has breast cancer.
April 7-I have felt sluggish and weak this week, about since I fell out of bed. Also my bruise and ankle are still sore.
April 9-I got a small journal to carry in my waist pack on the event.
I went to a Fit for the Cure event at Belk in Lakeshore Mall. I got a hot pink ribbon.
April 11-I got a pink shopping bag and pink ribbon socks at Kroger.
April 12-I walked 1.09 miles. I beat my best mile time.
April 13-I went to a Get Started meeting at the Cumming library. It was led by a nice lady named Karen. It was good, and I met a lot of nice people. I gave out a lot of business cards.
April 14-I walked 1.3 miles. My bruise is almost better but my leg is still a little tender. I found a penny in the road.
I ran in Kroger before I picked up my grandnephew to see if they had cake, and saw an old classmate from high school. I told her about doing the walk.
At about 4 someone from the 3Day called. They were calling all the team captains for a check-in. I talked to her about my bruise. She said I was doing the right thing by easing back into my training and by putting ice on my leg. I also asked her if I could get a digital copy of the DVD so I can put it on my iPod.
April 17-We went to the Nike outlet. I talked to a couple salesmen about the 3Day. One of them went and got a couple different shoes, one of which was the Air Miler, which I saw online and wanted. List price is $88--the price on the box was $25. When we went to pay for them they rang up at $10. It was awesome.
April 18-One of my girlfriends gave me $20 for the walk at church.
April 19-I walked about 1.4 miles-I did something wrong and mistakenly erased the workout from my iPod.
I put some change I had saved plus my girlfriend's money in the bank and donated it--there was actually more than I thought there was in the jar.
April 20-I walked 1.46 miles.
April 21-I walked 2.25 miles. I found a quarter in my car.
April 22-I did 20 minutes of yoga. My neighbor saw me getting out of my car when I came home from the store today, called to me and reminded me to come over because she'd promised me a donation when I spoke to her yesterday during my walk. I went to her house and used her computer to make a donation.
I feel so encouraged about this every time I find a coin somewhere or something that's essential to my walk is severely marked down.