Monday, October 5, 2009

Ladies, run out and buy this book

Marcus Buckingham has appeared on Oprah and conducted career workshops with her, and now he has written Find Your Strongest Life. This book, aimed specifically at women, is designed to help ladies find out which part of their lives strengthens them, as well as learning which parts weaken them.
Buckingham describes nine roles that women fill, and through taking the Strongest Life test at
the reader is able to determine which of those roles is their strongest role, as well as learning their secondary role. The roles are: Advisor, Caretaker, Creator, Equalizer, Influencer, Motivator, Pioneer, Teacher, and Weaver. (My lead role is advisor, and my secondary is teacher.) Once the reader has taken the test, Buckingham goes on to demonstrate, through practical tips and personal stories of other clients, how to live so that we are doing more of what strengthens us, and maybe less of the things that we are capable and even competent about, that we do not enjoy or even hate doing. He stresses that just because we CAN do something, and we're good at doing something, doesn't mean that we should choose that as a career. Instead we should find those activities we do that strengthen us, and work to recreate those moments. We should not aim for a balanced life, but should have an imbalanced life that is filled with those activities that strengthen us.
Also Buckingham points out that we, in this country especially, look for our weaknesses and the weaknesses in others. By so doing, we amplify those weaknesses, until they may become truly crippling problems. However, when we look for our strengths and play to those, those weaknesses disappear.
This is a great book for all women, but especially those of us who are struggling to find ourselves and what our true purpose in life is. It is filled with helpful advice and concrete tips on how we can truly do those things that strengthen us, which leads to life strengthening us instead of draining and depressing us, as it does for so many women. I would recommend this book to all, most especially those who are stuck in a career they don't feel fulfilled in, and those who are doing things because they feel they have to. This would be a great gift to most anyone, as we all long to know our true purpose and highlight those areas that are truly our strengths.

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