Friday, October 21, 2011

Careful what you wish for

What if your fondest prayer was finally answered?  Would you really be as happy as you thought you'd be?
In Sunrise on the Battery, Mary Lynn finds out the answer.  She's a typical society mom, totally devoted to her kids and husband, and experiencing something of a spiritual awakening.  This includes meeting with a prayer group once a week.  Her most fervent prayer is that her husband Jackson will come to know the same Lord she has experienced.  When that finally happens, through his meeting with their priest, the results are far from what Mary Lynn thought they would be.  Jackson's new-found faith is being acted out in ways that are radically different from how Mary Lynn thought their lives would be.  
I found this story both challenging and engaging.  I totally identified with the characters and felt they were very vividly drawn out, almost to the point that they felt like real people I knew.  I could identify strongly with Jackson especially, who read voraciously, mostly to make up for something he felt he missed in his education.  I also love the imagery Beth Webb Hart uses to describe the Spirit's moving in people-e.g.-"...(Mary Lynn) felt a burning in her chest, like she had fallen asleep facedown on a heating pad.  It wasn't uncomfortable, but it felt full of energy, and she sensed that God's love for her, something wholly undeserved, was working its way into her very bones.  It was the best feeling she'd ever known.  She did not want the burning to end."  
I truly enjoyed this book and found it a good story and also thought-provoking about how we all live out our faith.  It also shows that our prayers being answered do not always end up the way we thought they would.  
I received this book free from the publisher and am not required to write a positive review, but one of my own opinion.

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