Sunday, July 11, 2010

Status report

June 27-My friend Anita gave me a pair of pink ribbon earrings.  She also told me that her mom has breast cancer.
June 28-I walked 3.27 miles.
June 29-I did 25 minutes yoga.
June 30-I walked 5.5 miles.
July 1-I sold my friend Betsy and her daughter Hope 8 of my old books for $8.  Hope and I watched the 3Day DVD.
I did 30 minutes yoga.
July 2-I walked 4.22 miles.  I walked all over our neighborhood, and put fliers about the Walk in mailboxes.
My cousins donated $50!  Also the donations I sent in posted online.
July 3-I walked 3.35 miles.  My sister-in-law promised me a $50 donation later on.
July 4-A dear friend promised me a donation later on.
July 5-I walked 3.4 miles.
July 6-I did 15 minutes yoga.
I called the 3Day coaches to cancel my RSVP to the Super Clinic in Buford Saturday-it sounded a lot like the one I went to at North Point.  I spoke to a lady named Maggie.
July 7-I walked 5.31 miles.  
I braided a bracelet with the pink embroidery floss I have, and tried to braid my hair for the first time.  The bracelet looked better than my hair, but my hair looked OK.
July 8-I got a $50 donation in the mail from some cousins.
I did 30 minutes yoga.
July 9-Starting Thursday morning, I have felt very weak, mostly because of what I believe to be an allergy attack.  This is causing much sinus drainage, mostly in my nose and throat.  I was able to do yoga Thursday, but did not feel up to walking 8 miles.  My family and I went to a bowling alley/arcade and had pizza for lunch, and between all that and grocery shopping, I logged 2745 steps.
July 10-My legs felt pretty sore, and I felt weak, though stronger than yesterday.
I have been faithfully following the 24-week training plan, though I have modified it so that my day of rest is on Sunday instead of Monday.  The only reason I have not walked is illness, yet for some reason I feel very guilty when I have to miss a day (or two).  I know this is just a bump in the road to doing the 3Day, yet somehow in the moment it seems very discouraging. I am praying I feel well enough to meet my training goals for the next week.

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  1. One day or weekend of missed training is nothing - just get right back on the horse again once you're feeling better! It's great that you're so committed to your training!

    ~ Kristen