Saturday, August 7, 2010

3Day training update

July 11-I chatted on Facebook with a high school classmate, about my sickness and the 3Day.
July 12-I walked 3.35 miles.
July 13-I went to Family Christian Stores, and got a compact hot pink NIV Bible, to go in my backpack on the 3day.  It's very lightweight and more durable than the paperback one I had.
I went to my stepmother's funeral.  While there I got to talk to my aunts and my cousin, and they all said they were going to give later.
I did 15 minutes yoga.
July 14-I walked 5.21 miles, though I felt weak from the summer crud and thought I'd only be able to do about 2.  I saw a rabbit, and some Canada geese grazing.
July 15-I did 30 minutes yoga.
July 16-We went to Gainesville.  I got my eyes checked at America's Best. I chose some pink glasses, to wear on the 3Day.  I gave a donor card to the man who helped me choose glasses.
July 17-I walked 6.42 miles.  On a large yard facing the lake, I saw a flock of 10 Canada geese grazing.  They were there almost the whole time I walked.  I walked a bit with a lady and man who were walking a pair of big boxers.  I talked to the lady most.  I told her about the 3Day and asked her to give.  She said she might.
I went to the park and walked a lap on the track to see how many steps are in one of my miles-I found it to be about 2100.  It helped me convert the totals on my pedometer to miles.
July 18-As I logged on for the day I saw I was getting an email from the 3Day-I opened it and found that my aunt Betsy and uncle Ricky had given $100!
After church I spoke to some people about the 3Day and breast cancer, especially my friends Angela, JD, and Cindi.  Cindi told me her uncle had breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy.
I walked 2300+ steps at Wal-mart and Kroger.
Aaron gave me $1.45 he won at his grandpa's playing poker.
July 19-I walked 3.24 miles.
July 20-I did 30 minutes yoga.
July 21-I walked 5.4 miles. I waited until after my favorite morning show went off at 10 to walk and it was a little harder because of the heat.  I met a man mowing his grass, and stopped a bit to talk to him.  I asked if he'd like to give and he said yes.
July 22-Through conversations on Twitter, a lot of us walkers there has formed an unofficial team-Team Twitter.  One of the girls is going to design a logo/shirt for us.
Also I read a blog entry by a Chicago walker about walking alone that made me feel better about it.
July 23-I set out at 6:40 AM, aiming for 10 miles.  I had my pack, with a frozen bottle of orangemint water in it.  I felt pretty good.  About halfway through, I walked back to a point on my route where there's a bench, sat on it, ate a granola bar and read some Bible verses from Isaiah.  Then I kept walking.  I honestly didn't think I would really be able to do 10 miles, but I wanted to go as far as I could and at least beat my best distance, which was 6.43 miles.  When I had almost reached the mileage where I would head home, I saw a car backing up from a driveway so I got onto the grass.  When she got out on the road she had her window down.  I talked to her a bit.  She apologized because she hadn't seen me.  I gave her a business card.  She said she knew I was training for the 3Day, I guess from word of mouth or the fliers I gave out earlier.  I asked her to give-she said she would, because I was working so hard.  I was able to walk 10.14 miles!
When I got home I was soaking wet.  I put on dry clothes and cooled down.  My feet, especially my big toes, are sore.  But I feel great.  I cannot believe I was able to walk 10 miles!
On the Team Twitter front, Julie (@knittingbagel) is designing our logo.
The Boston 3Day is going strong-Kristen and others have posted great updates and pics.
July 24-My mom, Aaron and I left home at 8:20.  We got breakfast at McDonald's, then headed down 400 to Peachtree Road UMC, where the Preview Expo was being held.  We got there about 9:30, so we were able to park pretty well, in the shade.  The church was HUGE.  We went inside and I got signed in.  The vendors were just setting up, but I looked around.  I bought two round stickers that say Walker Girl.
They had stations where people could make signs that are put out on the walk route, and where we could write letters that'll be given to us in camp.  Aaron made a sign that had a big ribbon (it was red, I don't think there were any pink markers) drawn on it, that said, Brandee walk for the cure.  My mom wrote me a note.
Several outfitters had booths, as did several sponsors.  I got a couple packs of AA batteries, some sunscreen samples, a big REI bag, candy and brochures.
I went to a couple clinics, about life on the 3Day and blister care.  In the process of going from one to the other I found several of my Twitter friends-Pam, her teammate Shannon, and Lilly.  Later we found Abby.   I went to the injury prevention clinic with them.  After it, I looked more at the outfitters.  I bought two pairs of padded socks, which will hopefully help my feet and some cherry sport beans. I got some cute stickers, a couple 3Day DVDs, and a bunch of coupons and fliers.  We went to a packing seminar.  After it we found Tammy and got pictures made.  Pam made some of me,with the Atlanta banner.  I took my camera but the batteries were dead.  I got sample size hand sanitizer, and a printed ziploc to put toiletries in.
Abby, Lilly, Tammy, Pam, me, and Shannon.
July 25-I did a 3Day habitat for my virtual pet, Elizabeth, with my donor link.
I got pink crocs with a grey plaid lining to wear in camp.  I got pink ribbon charms to go on them, along with a Star of David and an Israeli flag.
Pam sent me the photos she made of me, and they're great.  I changed my profile pic to one of them on everything but Twitter, where I've not been able to.
I put all the word magnets I got at the Training Kick-Off on a magnetic board I got.
July 26-I walked 3.32 miles.
I got a $25 donation from my cousin Debbie.
July 27-Carol, the lady I met on my 10-mile walk, gave $50.
Julie is designing a magnet for my car.  Cat is getting some kind of wristband for our team.
I worked out on Mother's elliptical-like machine for 30 minutes.
I went to the bank, and deposited the money Debbie sent and $10 I had in our coin jar.  I donated it online.
July 28-I walked 5.31 miles.  As I left the house I saw the flock of geese grazing down by our club pavilion.  On about my first or second lap they were over on the big yard next to the water.  I also saw a turtle by the road.
July 29-Julie sent me the magnet design, and it's great. I ordered 2 from Vistaprint.
I did 45 minutes on the machine.
I went to the bank.  I gave my business card to the teller, in the hopes she'd give.  Instead she asked when the 3Day was, and acted like she wants to do it too.  I told her I'd bring her a DVD.
July 30-I walked 11.1 miles!  I stopped about halfway through, sat on the bench a bit, and ate a granola bar.  On my next to last or last lap I saw a lady in a red VW bug.  She had her window down, and asked if I was still training for my event.  I said I was, and gave her my card.  She said she would give to me.  Also about then I refilled my water bottle, using the spigot on a house.
Julie designed a couple logos for Team Twitter, and they're adorable.
We went to Cumming.  En route we talked about what I still need.  I said, when we get a sleeping bag and pad, I can keep it if I want to do it again.  I honestly thought my mom wouldn't like me doing the walk again, but she acted like it wasn't a big deal if I do.
July 31-I walked 5.14 miles. I saw a lady walking a dog who looked a lot like our dog Gracie.  I gave her my card and asked her to give.
I got a $25 donation from my aunt and uncle in the mail.
There's a Cafe Press site with clothes with the Team Twitter logo on them that Julie designed.
August 1-My Twitter friend Jay has started a Team Twitter to walk in the 2011 Atlanta 3Day!  I'm hoping very much I can be a part of it.
August 2-I walked 4.15 miles.
August 3-Cat got a 3Day Tweeps site sat up.
I went to Chick-Fil-A and spoke to a manager about a donation-I was told I needed to talk to their marketing director.  I went to Wal-Mart and spoke to a manager there about fundraising-he said that corporate would not let them allow people to raise money there, it raised too many complaints from people.
I went to the bank and spoke to the teller I talked about the 3Day with.  I gave her a DVD and ring.
I did 30 minutes on the elliptical.
August 4-I walked 5.06 miles.
August 5-I did about 45 minutes on the elliptical.
A $25 donation from one of our neighbors posted.
August 6-I walked 12.11 miles.  About 4 miles in I took a break and ate a granola bar.  After another 4 miles I stopped and ate a pack of pizza sticks. I refilled my water bottle, again with a spigot on a house.  With about a mile and a half to go, I opened and ate the pack of sport beans I got at the Preview Expo.  When I hit the 11-mile marker I started to drink the bottle of peppermint water I had with me.  I put it in the freezer for a couple days, then put it, wrapped in a towel, in my walking pack as I left.  By the time I was nearly done it was almost thawed.  Between the sport beans and the mint water I caught a second wind, somewhat, and felt good when I finished.
August 7-I walked 7.24 miles.
I went to a local bike shop and got some more sport beans.
The magnets I ordered from Vistaprint came, and they look great.  My mom and I are going to put them on our cars, and hopefully get some donations.

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