Thursday, August 6, 2009

All that's wrong with my old car

There are probably more things than I can think of, but here is my list of the car's problems:
The rearview mirror fell off
The rubber that goes between the body and the door fell off, letting cold air/water in
The windows don't always roll up
The air conditioner is broken
The reverse in the transmission is shot, so it doesn't back up
It leaks oil and antifreeze
One of the headlights is out on low
The blinkers don't work
The brake light switch is blown, so they stay on sometimes
The fuel gauge is unreliable
The gear indicator is broken
The fuel pump is bad
The radio antenna is broken off, so reception is spotty
My grandnephew lost the door/trunk key, playing in the garage when he was about 3
There's a problem with the ignition switch, so it has to be jiggled with to turn over sometimes
Needless to say it will be quite liberating to have a car that actually functions in every gear the way it should.

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