Sunday, May 16, 2010


May 5-I walked 3.23 miles. 
May 6-I did 20 minutes yoga, on our porch.
May 7-I walked 3.28 miles .
May 8-I walked 3.43 miles. At the boat ramp I saw 2 geese and their goslings.  I walked a bit slower than usual.
May 9-I got pink M & Ms and 6 more pairs of pink ribbon socks at Kroger.
May 10-I walked 3.66 miles.  I saw an orange striped cat, and he let me pet him twice.
May 12-I walked 4.02 miles.  I saw a turtle in the road.
May 13-I did 30 minutes yoga.
May 14-I walked 3.56 miles.
May 15-I walked 3.79 miles.  I saw a little turtle, and a couple of cats, one of which I think was a Maine Coon cat.  He looked a lot like my cat Harry, who died in December 2008.
This week I have felt tired and have felt leg and foot pain, due to walking and also to pollen.  However I have kept on walking, and I feel better both physically and mentally because I have done so.  I have truly loved every bit of this journey and am looking forward to all that is to come.  Thanks for your support and prayers.

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