Tuesday, May 25, 2010

3Day training update

May 17-I walked 3.78 miles .
May 19-I walked 3.69 miles .
May 20-I did 30 minutes yoga.
May 21-I walked 5.75 miles.  At mile 1.3 I stopped because my shoe felt too tight.  I pressed pause, and it somehow reset the iPod, so it erased my workout.  I started it again, and I got 4.45 more miles.
I called the 3Day coaches with a question--can I break up longer distances on the schedule?  I spoke to a lady named Nancy, and she was very helpful.  She said it's OK to break up the distances some.
I did almost 6 miles.  I cannot believe I did it.  I thought I was unable to do 5 miles, so it surprised me greatly I got nearly 6.
May 22-I walked 3.05 miles .When I got to where the orange striped cat I've been petting lives, he was standing at the end of his driveway.  It's like he knew I was coming and was waiting for me.
The dog stepped on my shoe and made a hole in it and my sock.
I got a tweet of encouragement from Heidi this morning.
May 23-I walked .21 miles with Levi.

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  1. It is definitely okay to break up the longer distances. On the actual event, you will be stopping at Pit Stops, Grab & Gos, Cheering Stations and Lunch every 3 to 4 miles. In reality, you aren't training to walk one long 20 mile walk. You're actually training to walk 5 or 6 shorter 4 mile walks in a row!

    I would recommend planning regular breaks during your longer training walks when you get up to those distances. I usually take two breaks for a quick snack and stretch and one longer lunch break (where I also change my socks!) on any walk longer than 14 miles. Just try to get all the miles in on the same day as best you can and plan to do a couple back to backs and you'll do great!

    ~ Kristen