Sunday, June 13, 2010

Status report

May 30-I printed my letter and donation forms, and took them to church.  I gave out several.  Also my friend Mary, and Todd, who preached, prayed with me over the envelopes.  
I got a pair of blue shorts to walk in.
May 31-I walked 3.25 miles, in light rain.
At the end of my walk, a car passed me-he rolled down his window and said something like, even in the rain?  I said, I have something big to train for.  Later, I was out on the porch calling Grace, our dog.  He lives next to us, and he asked what I'm training for.  I told him about the 3Day, and asked if he would like to donate.  He said he would, so I came in and got my donation form and a business card and took it to him.  We had a nice conversation about the 3Day, what made me do it, and the Lord-they're believers too.  
June 1-In response to the entry I wrote on June 1, my friend from school Kesa wrote me a nice note on Facebook.
June 2-I walked 4.14 miles .  
I ordered more business cards with printed backs.
We got stamps.  I stamped envelopes, put our address on some, and put the SASEs in the original ones.
I called the 3Day coaches, and spoke to a lady named Carol.  I asked if the things in the shop would be available at the Preview Expo.  She wasn't sure so I called the 3Day shop and asked-they said no.  I also asked about shipping-it is about half the price to ship if you order over the phone.
June 3-I did 30 minutes yoga.
June 4-I walked 5.94 miles.  I saw a rabbit.  The black cat at see on my route let me pet him.
June 5-I walked 4.11 miles.  
June 6-I tweeted some celebrities I follow about the 3Day, and Mandisa retweeted me.
June 7-I walked 3.72 miles.  
I called the 3Day shop, and ordered a set of buttons and the lumbar pack I wanted.
My new business cards came, and they look great. 
I printed my letters, stuffed envelopes, got them ready to go, and put them in the mailbox.
June 8-I did 15 minutes yoga.
June 9-I walked 4.2 miles.  
My teeth, especially my false front one, hurt badly.  It hurt so much that I was crying.  It was just throbbing.  I knew it was my sinuses because the pain kept jumping around my mouth.  I tried to eat but I would accidentally bump my teeth and it hurt very much.  Finally at about lunch time I called and was blessed enough to get a doctor's appointment that day.  At the doctors' I spoke to a physician's assistant and then the doctor. He thought I have a sinus infection, and maybe some allergies.  He gave me an antibiotic, a tablet that is bigger than the seizure pills that I take.
June 10-I woke up in less pain.  I did 30 minutes yoga.
I was unable to train on Friday and Saturday because my infection and the antibiotic made me a bit dizzy and weak.  I am getting better every day, thankfully. My appetite is returning to normal.  These trials in my training seem to be a real test of my will, but I am determined to not give up and meet my goal of doing the 3Day walk.

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