Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A long-time dream

For several years, I think since I first became aware of the event, I have wanted to participate in the 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer (see the3day.org) . I am not really sure why I want to do it; noone in my immediate family has ever had breast cancer. One of my aunts had it, but she died when I was very young so I have no memories of her. Noone in my immediate circle of friends has had it either, so I have no direct experience with the disease. I guess because it strikes 1 in 8 women it hits closer to home with me than most other diseases. I have long gone out of my way to buy products I see with the pink ribbon on the label that indicates that company supports cancer research. I have felt the desire to do that walk for several years, but for some reason it seems even stronger this year and I am starting to seriously think that I may truly be able to do the event this year, God willing.
The event involves much fundraising, and also training to be able to walk 20 miles a day for three days. I am fairly confident that I can train and be ready to walk. The main hurdle is financial. I am unable to even come up with the registration fee as of yet, not to mention the equipment that I would need. I believe that if the LORD truly wants me on that walk this year He can make a way for it to come to pass, whether that means some generous souls endowing me to walk or me finding a part-time job. I do not know if I will be able to do the walk this year, but I know that the desire to do so fills my heart and it seems to get stronger every time I hear the commercial for the walk on the radio or see one on TV. I pray fervently that this will come to pass this year.

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