Friday, March 5, 2010

A major hurdle crossed

This morning I went upstairs to ask my mom a question. In passing I mentioned I would possibly be able to get work with the census office, and then I said, it'd help me pay for something I want to do this fall. She said, what do you want to do. Then I told her I wanted to do the 3-Day walk. To be honest I have been dreading telling my mom this; I thought she would try to dissuade me from doing it. So I said what I did hesitantly. My mom, however, surprised me. She said, if you do the walk I'll pay for what you need to do it. This was a huge relief to me; I have been worried about how I was going to be able to get all I need to do the walk, especially some new tennis shoes. My mom is willing to buy my shoes, plus anything else I need to participate in the 3-Day, and we are probably going to get my shoes when her tax refund comes in. She was adamant about us getting the shoes soon; she used to run and she knows how important having the right shoes is.
I cannot say how relieved and happy I am about this. It has made me believe that, firstly, the LORD truly wants me to do this, and secondly, that I will really be able to get it done.

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